My experiences with computer, technology, and the internet.


My current major is Graphic Arts Web Design AAS, and this is my second year at Harper. The first year I was a Computer Engineering student, but had a lack of interest for some courses. Over the following summer I switched to Graphic Arts, which was a hobby for many years, and now I’m content with the switch. I am currently taking several other graphic arts courses and WEB150, which will help learn HTML and CSS.

I started out doing graphic design on a laptop, and then built my own computer a few years later. My pc helps tremendously for adobe software and video games. Daily activities on the computer: browse forums, watch content, play games, and communicate with friends. The internet has helped me learn a lot, especially about graphic design. I learned how to use different programs through tutorials and videos. It also enabled me to make friends across the country and even around the world.

Web design has been an interest, not only the design, but how each element interacts. I’ve taken beginner java classes in the past, but the visual elements weren’t there. You create hundred lines of code, and the result can be something unseen. With the GRA145 class, I’d like to expand on another section of design, and learn to create interactive media.

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