WordPress Pros/Cons

Without a doubt WordPress is a great tool for users to build their own website, but how much control they have depends on the user.  Are you willing to pay for a premium theme? Can you learn how plugins will affect your site? Will you continually update your website? A lot is dependent on how far a user will manage their site, and if they have the experience or are willing to learn.

My experiences with WordPress has shown that it really shines when it comes to plugins, widgets, and support. Since it’s open source, a whole community of people are creating new tools, and offer helpful support through forums & FAQs. Most of the time I spent customizing my theme, was looking over similar questions people asked in the theme’s forums.

Frustrations occurred when I was limited on the amount of customization I had to my chosen theme. The theme was free, but wasn’t littered with options that had “PRO Version” stamped across. I also didn’t have access to server files for the website, so customizing further led to a dead end.

I think if a user wants to get everything out of WordPress, a premium theme you have to pay for is the main option. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, but I believe more options and support will be given. And obviously access to the server files where the website is located. Maintaining a WordPress site for a company or creating a site for a company that already has a theme, would be viable jobs for students in the class.


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