Favorite App

The app I find myself frequently using is ‘Reddit Is Fun’, an unofficial android app for the website reddit.com. Reddit, described by Wikipedia, is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. The app is just used to browse the same information on the website, but in a more mobile friendly method.

I use the app to browse current news, funny photos, and even reviews of products. If I am waiting in line or on break, then I will probably be browsing Reddit. The app appeals to everyone. There are different subsections, referred to as subreddits, for any topic you can think, with discussion open to all. So the appeal is for anyone interested in a specific hobby, sport, team, or even just to casually browse current events.

I enjoy the slide out menu on the app, push a button on any page and the menu will slide out. This gives the user quick navigation to any other subreddit. Enjoying the feature so much, I created a similar menu in my Adobe Xd app project. I dislike that there aren’t any push notifications. Maybe users would like get updates to a post they liked or created. However, this feature might be available other apps that let you browse Reddit.

Photo Credit: Screenshot taken of Reddit.com


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