Work and Internet

The internet has greatly improved everyone’s work flow. Course work can be done anywhere such as research papers. I don’t have to constantly be at a library doing research. Besides course work, working from multiple locations has become easier with cloud storage. I can go from home, to class, and then work with all my files available instantly. I’m not familiar with Adobe’s Creative Cloud storage, but I’m sure it’s just as great as Dropbox or Google Drive. These services can really save the day when you forget your flash drive.

Google has many other services, such as drive applications, which allow anyone to have free access to storage and word processors. This is great for students, not an extra expense: you can write documents, create power point presentations, and store class notes.

Downside of the internet at our fingertips, would be smartphones in class and at work. The distraction is in our pocket, but it depends on the person for the phone to become a hindrance.


Photo Credit: “ Tolboom”, license A.


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