My Dream Vacation


Photo by “”, license A.

I would take a month or two excursion to travel around Europe and visit the United Kingdom, then move down to Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany. Transporting from planes to trains between countries.  I could pass through Denmark and reach Copenhagen, Sweden.

Edinburgh sees the final weekend of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Edinburgh, Scotland, UK - 29th August 2009.
Photo by Callum Bennetts,, license A, SA.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival would be the first stop on the agenda, which is a 25 day arts festival in Scotland’s capital. As I traveled down to England, moving between hotels, I would be on the look out for a great sherperd’s pie. This would be before reaching the much anticipated spot, Stonehenge. Once I finished sight seeing in the UK, then I’d fly into Amsterdam.

Photo by Moyan Brenn –, license A.

Museums and sight seeing or the only plans for the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Denmark. Trains would help transport me through each country. Germany would be a haven for beer and sausage. Maybe even catch the Gamescom convention in Cologne, Germany. Then it would be time to travel to Copenhagen and Stockholm in Sweden.

Photo by Maria Ekland –,, license A, SA.

Visiting Sweden I would go to Dreamhack convention, which is an eSports and digital festival. Throughout Europe small towns and restaurants might be the best places to visit. I would aim to explore each country and learn something new each time.

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